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Causes of Sacroiliac Joint Pain

Posted by Michal Szczodry, MD on March 31, 2017

You may have heard of SI joint pain without realizing that the abbreviation SI stands for the sacroiliac, which is the joint connecting the sacrum – or tailbone – and the iliac bone of the pelvis.

Sacroiliac (SI) joint pain is fairly common – though not as common as some practitioners think – and while it can be uncomfortable, the good news is that it responds well to a variety of treatments.

Let’s look at some common questions regarding sacroiliac joint pain and my treatment recommendations.

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Recent Innovations in Spine Surgery

Posted by Michal Szczodry, MD on February 6, 2017

Every month, the medical device industry introduces some innovations into the world of spine surgery that they are promoting as the next big thing. While I watch these trends closely, I take a conservative approach to using any new technology in my practice. I wait until an innovation is proven to be effective, safe and better for patients than classical approaches before I consider them.

Two major advances in spine surgery over the last decade that meet my criteria are: minimally invasive surgeries and disc replacement. Both are commonly used and have a track record of providing benefits for suitable patients. I use both procedures in my practice after carefully screening patients to ensure that they’ll benefit from the new approach.

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Most Common Types of Spine Surgery

Posted by Michal Szczodry, MD on January 5, 2017

For many patients who are experiencing pain or discomfort from a spinal condition, spine surgery can be an excellent option to relieve pain and return to every day activities.

Before having surgery, patients must be properly qualified by an experienced orthopedic spine surgeon and fully informed of their treatment options. Any surgery can be scary, and knowing the facts is an important step on the road to recovery. 

Here, I’ll describe the most common types of spine surgery.

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10 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Spine Surgery

Posted by Michal Szczodry, MD on November 30, 2016

The prospect of any surgery can be scary for patients, and that’s especially true for spine surgery. Patients wonder whether surgery will negatively impact their mobility, increase their pain or require a long recovery.

What’s scary for patients, though, is routine for experienced orthopedic surgeons. We’re always developing new techniques to lower pain and enhance patients’ well-being.

Here, I’ll address patients’ 10 most frequently asked questions about spine surgery.

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