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Protect Growing Brains — Take Youth Concussions Seriously

Posted by Midwest Orthopaedic Consultants on October 1, 2018

Concussions are a serious injury, especially when they affect someone with a developing brain. That's why those who experience youth concussions should be cared for properly and given time to heal. If you suspect your child has a concussion or another sports injury, an orthopedic specialist can help with diagnosing their condition.

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Hockey Upper Body Injuries

Posted by Midwest Orthopaedic Consultants on November 10, 2017

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Upper Body Injuries by Pro Stock Hockey, an online resource for authentic pro stock hockey
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Common Football Injuries: How to Prevent and Treat Them

Posted by Todd Mensik on October 17, 2017

Anyone who follows professional sports is likely already aware of the most common football injuries: concussion, injuries to the knee and shoulder, and injuries related to heat and overuse.

While football injures more young athletes than any other sport, it can be played safely with the right conditioning and equipment.

Here’s a brief overview of the most common football injuries and how to prevent and treat them.

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Common Baseball Injuries: How to Prevent and Treat Them

Posted by Todd Mensik on July 31, 2017

Baseball is America’s pastime, but it's also the cause of a rising number of elbow and shoulder injuries in children and youths. Each year, thousands of kids seek medical attention for pain incurred on the baseball diamond. If your child participates in this popular summertime sport, you want to know how to keep them safe.

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Most Common Sports Injuries

Posted by James P. Leonard, MD on February 1, 2017

Sports and exercise are healthy activities for people of all ages. Recently, there has been an increasing trend for more active lifestyles through a wide variety of exercise programs and sporting activities. However, this increased involvement does carry the risk of injury. The most common sports injuries sideline millions of people each year, and this number is expected to rise along with the number of participants.

The term "sports injuries" refers to the types of injuries that occur during sports or exercise. Some result from accidents, while others are due to those that overdo or who don't properly train or warm up. Fortunately, most sports injuries can be treated effectively with return to the preinjury level of activity. Additionally, many can be prevented if people take the appropriate precautions.

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