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Cartiva® SCI, the Newest Alternative in Treating Big Toe Arthritis

Posted by Midwest Orthopaedic Clinic on October 9, 2019

Perhaps you thought you just strained or stubbed your toe and the pain and swelling would go away. But as it persists, you suspect it’s something more. A trip to the orthopedics office confirms your fears: you have arthritis in your toe joint.

Your doctor explains that the cartilage on the ends of your toe’s bones has worn down and is no longer letting them slide against each other comfortably. That pain and stiffness you’re experiencing is friction in the joint. No wonder it hurts! And worst of all, there’s no cure.

Arthritis in your big toe doesn’t sound like a big deal, but you soon realize how debilitating it can be. The pain and stiffness in your toe can make it difficult to walk comfortably, which prevents you from enjoying your daily activities. 

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Don’t Let Pain Ruin Your Volleyball Game

Posted by Midwest Orthopaedic Clinic on September 23, 2019

Whether playing competitively or just in the backyard, volleyball is a fun sport for players of all ages and skill levels. The only downside is that like other sports, volleyball does come with a risk of injury.

Given the nature of the game, the most common volleyball injuries likely aren’t hard to guess: shoulder overuse, finger fractures, and sprained ankles top the list.

While volleyball injuries are more common in competitive players, even a casual player can get hurt due to an accident, poor technique or lack of conditioning. Younger players are especially prone to injury.

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Watch Out for Knee Injuries on the Soccer Field

Posted by Midwest Orthopaedic Clinic on September 3, 2019

Soccer can put a lot of strain on your knees. Anyone can get a knee injury—that’s whether you’re picking the game up for the first time, or you're a long-time and experienced player.

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What You Need to Know About Stress Fracture Symptoms and Causes

Posted by Midwest Orthopaedic Clinic on August 20, 2019

What is a stress fracture?

Stress fractures are very small cracks in a bone. They’re usually caused by an increase in physical activity that puts stress on your bones, like a new workout routine or training for a marathon. The increased stress on your bones can cause them to crack under the pressure.

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Running Hurts My Knees. What Can I Do About It?

Posted by Midwest Orthopaedic Clinic on August 5, 2019

It’s not a myth: Running is tough on your knees. Whether you’re a newbie starting a couch-to-5K program or you’re a veteran ultra-marathoner, it’s likely that at some point in your running journey you’ve experienced knee pain that has brought you to a halt.

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What are Common Types of Orthopedic Imaging Tests?

Posted by Midwest Orthopaedic Clinic on July 1, 2019

If your aches and pains have landed you at an orthopedist’s office, you may be wondering what tests your doctor will use to diagnose your problem. Aside from taking a medical history and asking about your symptoms, there are several imaging tests that can help your doctor get a literal better picture of your body.

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Guidelines to Avoiding Pitcher's Arm in Youth Athletes

Posted by Midwest Orthopaedic Clinic on June 18, 2019

Playing sports in middle school or high school can have so many positive benefits. There’s the physical benefits of being an athlete, but then there are all of the character-building values that come with being on a team: boosting self-esteem, learning how to be a team player, handling losses while being a good sport, the value of hard work and discipline, and more.

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How to Spot Signs and Symptoms of Pitching Injuries

Posted by Midwest Orthopaedic Clinic on June 3, 2019

Of all the players on a baseball field, pitchers tend to be more susceptible to upper body injuries. The immense pressure of the repetitive throwing motion can wreak havoc on their elbows and shoulders. And as competition increases it’s no surprise that pitching injuries are on the rise—as pitchers are throwing harder, faster, and younger than ever before.

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How to Prevent and Treat Pitching Injuries

Posted by Midwest Orthopaedic Clinic on May 28, 2019

At the bottom of the ninth, with two outs and a full count, all eyes are on the pitcher. Will they make a winning pitch? If they’ve been overusing their pitching arm, not getting enough rest, or using a radar gun, they may not be able to perform at the top of their game. Pitching injuries are on the rise in young athletes, and the best treatment for shoulder and elbow injuries is prevention.

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Tips for Choosing an Orthopedic Clinic

Posted by Midwest Orthopaedic Clinic on April 16, 2019

Orthopedic pain can get in the way of living your fullest life—from playing outside with the kids, to walking the dog, to getting to and from work. In the road to recovery, it’s important to find an orthopedic leader that makes you feel completely comfortable and cared for.

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